PortaZone Ozonator for Ozonating Water and Ozonated Olive Oil
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Portazone Ozonator - The Portable Ozone Purification System

Portazone OzonatorThe Portazone Ozonator produces ozone at a rate of 250 mg per hour using corona discharge. Timer buttons set the Portazone to automatically turn off after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes of run time.

More Specifications:
Air pump 1.5 LPM
18 Watts
110 Volt
0.15 Amps
Weight 5.5 lbs
Length 12 inches
Width 8 inches
Height 4.25 inches

Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.

Portazone Ozonator (includes Olive Oil Extension and Fine Pore Ceramic Diffuser)
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What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is the triatomic form of oxygen (O2). It is oxygen in its most active state and is an extremely potent oxidant that has been shown to posses broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Ozone is not just another disinfectant. Ozone is a true sterilant. It has the ability to completely destroy not only bacteria, but also viruses, spores, fungus, mold, mildew, cysts, and many other contaminants while at the same time breaking down dissolved organic materials by oxidation. When ozone (O3) breaks down it naturally reverts back to oxygen (O2).

More Ozone Facts

Ozone has been used in Europe for nearly 100 years to sanitize meat and dairy produce. It is used to sanitize glass jars for baby food. On June 26, 2001 the FDA approved Ozone for use in direct contact with food to kill food borne pathogens. Ozone is the most effective oxidizing anti-microbial agent known. It kills E-coli 3125 times faster than chlorine, and it converts into ordinary oxygen in the process, leaving no chemical residuals behind. Ozone reacts with organic and inorganic substances, it will neutralize ammonia, ethylene and pesticides, thus enhancing the taste of food. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants known. There are no toxic by-products or health hazards when properly used as a micro biocide. More than 200 US drinking water plants use Ozone and the number is climbing.

How Ozone Works

The technology works this way to kill pathogens: all molecular chains are made up with double carbon bonds that hold the atoms together. Ozone is a highly energetic oxidant and it seeks out those carbon bonds. Ozone literally disassembles microorganisms. Ozone is an environmentally friendly alternative to other oxidation agents such as chlorine, because it produces no harmful by-products such as chloroform, and leaves no strong residual odors. In fact the use of chlorine for food contact is now being restricted worldwide.

There are many uses for the PortaZone. Here are some examples:

Ozonate Your Drinking Water!

Place the fine ceramic diffuser in a glass or container of water. Plug in the unit and run for 1-2 minutes per 8 ounces of water for best saturation. If you want to ingest the ozonated water, it is best to ozonate a glass at a time as ozone will dissipate from the water within 10-20 minutes. Using distilled water will increase the amount of time the ozone will remain in the water. Many people ozonate their drinking water just to disinfect it, allowing the ozone to dissipate before they drink it. Either method is beneficial.

Ozonate Your Bath Water!

Draw bath water in the normal manner. Place the unit a safe distance from the bath and place the diffuser in water. Do not get in the tub with the unit running. Make sure area is well ventilated. Run the unit in the bath water for approximately 15 to 25 minutes. Unplug the unit and remove it from the area. Enjoy a luxurious, relaxing and oxygenated bath!

Ozone revitalizes the skin and deep cleanses problem areas. Ozonate a glass of water for 5 to 10 minutes. Use the water to wash your face. Also makes an excellent mouthwash and deodorizer.

Clean And Disinfect Your Foods!

Fill an appropriate size bowl with water. Place the unit a safe distance from the sink and place the diffuser in water. Plug in the unit and run for 2-5 minutes. Soak fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, etc. in ozonated water for about 5 minutes. Remove foods from water and cook or store. Your produce will stay fresher longer and taste better! Use a bag, shoe box or glass jar to ozonate grains, breads, nuts or other dry foods for 2-3 minutes. The odor of aromatic fruits such as strawberries is enhanced in the presence of ozone.

Ozonate Your Refrigerator, Closet, Auto, Etc.!

The PortaZone may be used to eliminate odors, molds and mildew from many different small areas in your environment. Just place the open hose (the diffuser should be removed) into the area to be treated, close off the area and ozonate for up to an hour. Some areas may require several treatments to be effective. Do not use the Portazone as a regular air purifier. It is more of a shock treatment for small areas. People and pets should exit the area being treated with the Portazone. After the treatment, ventilate the area with a fan or fresh air through a window.

Disinfect Your Laundry!

Adding ozonated water to your wash cycles can enhance soil removal, disinfect laundry and reduce garment wear and tear. Ozone penetrates and opens individual garment fibers, allowing faster cleaning and bleaching of garments with the use of less chemicals. Simply ozonate a gallon or more of water for 15 to 30 minutes. Add this ozonated water to the washing machine.

Ozonate Olive Oil!

There is an optional tube extension with a diffuser on the end especially for ozonating Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Place the diffuser into the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and ozonate for 25 minutes. Do not use the same diffuser for oil as you do for water. Once you have used your extension, store it inside a zipper bag placed in the refrigerator to use again another time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is water prevented from going back into the Portazone?

There is a Check Valve attached to the hose towards the end where it attaches to the Portazone. The Check Valve is a one-way valve that will deter water or moisture from going into the unit. We also recommend always having the Portazone a bit higher than what you are ozonating.

Check valve tubing to prevent water from going back into the ozonator

How do you prevent the offgassing ozone from getting into room air?

It is not possible to prevent ozone from getting into the room air. We recommend operating the Portazone in a well ventilated area and if possible with a fan running nearby to displace any offgasssing ozone. The ozone O3 will naturally convert to O2 in approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Most uses do not require more that 10 to 30 mins to complete.

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